Hi there! I love teaching and would love to share my knowledge and techniques. I am a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and currently a professional actress. You can view my credits on my IMDb page and on my website

I'll be teaching the process of character breakdowns, scene study, and monologues using commercial, comedic, and dramatic scripts.

Acting is all about imagination and by constantly using this muscle, we're more likely to make creative decisions in our lives! Not only that, memorizing lines helps to exercise our memory which creates more focus!

I feel that acting not only builds confidence in people but also increases their instincts creatively.

Whether you're already an acting student who wants to sharpen their craft with one on one scene studies, mock auditions, build confidence in your creative choices or someone who is just curious about acting and would like to try it, I'd love the opportunity to help you in any way!

Finally, acting is a way of life for me, and more importantly, it's a way of understanding people and the choices we make under the various circumstances we face in our lives.